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Districts of Zelenograd

The day after the Decision on Construction had been adopted on the 15th of January 1963 by the Executive Committee of Mossovet, Zelenograd acquired status of a city.

Article in a Newspaper, 1959

The construction of the new city (see photo album) started in the range of Kryukovo station of the Oktyabrskaya railway.

With the development of the city, a number of settlements became part of its territory, namely: Kryukovo, Kutuzovo, Rzhavki, Nazarievo, Matushkino, Savyolki.

Now the satellite city, which is part of Zelenograd Administrative District of Moscow, comprises 5 districts: Kryukovo, Matushkino, Savyolki, Silino and Staroye Kryukovo.