1834 year
2015 year

Zelenograd - 50 years

Dear Citizens of Zelenograd!

I warmly congratulate you on the 50th Anniversary of our city.

Cities spring up and grow in a different way.

Zelenograd appeared in a bright fast-moving way as a bird flying up from your hands. Dream-city, city bringing to the world great ideas.

Zelenograd had little time for gaining experience and establishing traditions.

The country needed “Russian Silicon Valley” as soon as possible.

Talent combined with toil and outstanding commitment of the people made Zelenograd an electronic capital of Moscow over two decades.

But it is also city of our youth, our growing and development. City that is very beautiful, romantic and dear to our hearts.

Our life, devotion and hopes are all with this city. It is our past and our present time. Here is our mutual future, let it be happy and worthy.

We all remember the names of those who are not with us now: heroes of war years, devotees, enthusiasts, scientists, workers, engineers who were at the cradle of Zelenograd and contributed to its fame as a city of science innovations and dedicated working-people.

I express my gratitude and great respect for all people who worked and work for the benefit of our city.

I hope that young generation will preserve and develop main traditions of Zelenograd, the city of toilers and inventors.

We are all citizens of Zelenograd and it is our jubilee.
Wish you happiness, dear landsmen!
Fulfillment of dreams and new accomplishments!