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Zelenograd - 55 years

Every city has its own look. It can be different: mature and focused, or young, smiling and swift.

Virtual tour of Zelenograd by air

One of the first events, which celebrating of the 55th anniversary of Zelenograd began with, was laying of flowers on the wall of house N 1103 at the commemorative plaque, that reads: "Here, from 1986 to 1993 lived Hero of the Soviet Union Viktor Malyshev. "

A video about the celebration of the City Day September 7, 2013 in Zelenograd

55th anniversary of Zelenograd

There took place an opening of the memory board of the first minister of electronics industry of the USSR, twice Hero of Socialist Labor, who made a significant contribution to the creation of Zelenograd, Alexander Ivanovich Shokin. The memorial is on the front side of the main building of MIET.

Engraved on the plaque: "The Square of Shokin was named in 2009 in memory of twice Hero of Socialist Labor, first minister of the electronics industry of the USSR Alexander Ivanovich Shokin (1909-1988)."

There was held a photo contest "Historical photos of Zelenograd".