1834 year
2015 year

Zelenograd had little time for gaining experience and establishing traditions.The country needed “Russian Silicon Valley” as soon as possible.

Prefect’s Address
    Zelenograd has been created as the microelectronics centre. The enterprises and institutes of Zelenograd always were in avant-guard of this branch. As these enterprises have been created, what way have passed for these years - in historical articles on these pages …

Human memory is transient. With the time going by it erases details, and new feelings make images of the past grow dim. That’s why old documents and pictures are so valuable to us, they help to get back there and see the real picture of that time ...
Contest of Historical Photos
Gala concert devoted to the remarkable date 50 th Anniversary of Zelenograd Administrative District of Moscow took place in the Cultural Centre “Zelenograd”.

Jubilee of Zelenograd

Zelenograd celebrates its 50th Anniversary